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New Years Fuckulations.

I hate New Years. No, I actually don’t. Let me rephrase. I HATE THE IDEA THAT IF WE DONT BETTER OURSELVES IN THE NEW YEAR WERE FAILING....

Bacon, Cheese and Love

I got the Christmas Miracle I needed mentally and emotionally this weekend. Gabe was given the weekend home and was able to be here for...

Things I Currently Know.

I'm currently losing the battles in some senses but winning them in others. The thoughts are intrusive and trying to find reason for...


It's been one year and one day since I overdosed. Which means it's also been one year and one day since I mixed that fancy 4 part vodka 1...

364 Days Later

I woke up this morning and didn't lay in bed. It happens maybe once or twice a week but to me it's still a big deal when it happens. I...


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