364 Days Later

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

I woke up this morning and didn't lay in bed. It happens maybe once or twice a week but to me it's still a big deal when it happens. I got up, took the dog out, swept up and continued onto here. I've been itching to write something but haven't been able to string the right words together so I don't just spew random word across the pages with no real end story.

Anyway, this morning my bright red, snapchat memory button gleamed at me. Was inviting me to see what I was up to a year ago today. I wasn't necessarily surprised what I saw. A few photos of myself in a silky robe, a bra that was now two sizes too big and some cute lacy underwear. I judged that girl very hard. She was probably trying to look good for someone else's pleasure, she was probably still numb from the night before. She probably had nothing else on her mind but the next time she'd get high.

I don't know her anymore. Or exactly what she was thinking. Unfortunately at this time it's not something I want to easily remember.

I'm excited because in the last few months especially I'm starting to feel better. Choose what is only best for me, take time for myself, do the things I want to do, say No to the things I don't, learn what has worked for me and what definitely has not. 364 days is a lot when you're addicted so cheers to the betterness...

Up & Up

xxoo Hailey

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