Bacon, Cheese and Love

I got the Christmas Miracle I needed mentally and emotionally this weekend. Gabe was given the weekend home and was able to be here for three days. In those three days we were able to accomplish so much for ourselves and each other.

Having a partner on the road for long stretches of time is tiring. And I’m not even scraping the surface on the feelings of missing always having a partner here. On the other hand, I’m always so excited to see him hit the road because it’s one of his favourite places to be.

Sometimes I envy the roads and truck he sees more often than me. In the long run I think it makes me more grateful for one he is here, enjoying afternoons out on a pond with friends or in a field. I wait for the days we bump into each other in the kitchen, while he dives and I stir. I giggle about the grocery store and how the pair of us fill it with junk food to snack on while we binge watch Yellowstone or Desperate Housewives.

There’s a feeling like no other when you can fall asleep with the bed to yourself, but there’s no lonelier feeling waking up in the middle of the night and no one’s there. It’s a win lose situation.

I’m about to microwave some Wild Cheddar Broccoli soup. Cherishing the process it took us to make it, the battle for space in the tiny kitchen, working through minor issues in the process and laughing hysterically over the mis read Mild Cheddar label.

only 11 days til he’s for sure home. xxoo


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