This Could Go on for A While

I always have solidified ideas before I sit down here to write to you, but then 10 000 other stories that have happened in the last few days pop into my mind. I get so lost in the writing by the time I've proof read my original story hasn't even made the cut. Then my phone buzzes and it is about twenty minutes until I realized that I still have a semi blank screen in front of me. And once again, nothing I originally wanted to get out is put into text. It's whatever I guess ahaha.

Carrying on, I started writing here because I can write so much more and add more details to share better stories. I love sharing on instagram as well, but I want to be able to discuss deeper topics without forcing them on people who aren't able to handle them at the time. I want to be fair to the people who are still struggling - here I go on a side note I've personally come across things in my journey of healing that typically wouldn't hurt anyone but I was in a fragile state. I came across a lot of things that upset me in that time frame and had to reevaluate a lot of my social media time, who I was friends with and following. Anyway I don't want to push people away cause I've unknowingly shared content that they're sensitive too. This is also a reminder that it is okay to avoid your triggers when not ready to face them.

I want to get into a lot of the things I've been grateful to experience so far. Not everything was a positive experience but if it didn't happen that way, I wouldn't be here telling the stories I am today. I want to learn more not only for myself, but to be able to share with others. (In terms and language that makes sense) I don't want to dive into everything that could possibly a topic in the future, my brain can't handle going through all that today either. There's quite a number of stories up there but it won't be easy to get them all out.

Til next time.



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